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DROR welcomes volunteers to get involved and help contribute to bettering the lives of our young women.

Ways to Volunteer

Special Skills?

Do you have a special talent? Share it with the DROR girls and allow them to experience something new and wonderful. Can you conduct a workshop or lead a discussion?  A one-time or multi-part workshop? Either option would be welcome. We love learning about a variety of subjects; crafts, music, health, sports, science, psychology and technology. If you have an interest or area of expertise not listed here, we’d love to hear about it.


Academic Assistance?

Assistance with school subjects, especially in English or math. Help tutor a DROR student in an area in which you excel. This can be on an ongoing basis or a one-time tutoring session, possibly before an exam.

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Professional Services?

Are you in involved in marketing, fundraising, accounting, or the nonprofit world? We want to build our nonprofit and make it run more efficiently. We’d love your expert advice!

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Vendors who can provide services; bakers (for cookies and decorating cakes for special events or student’s birthdays), tickets to shows, catering for events, balloons, accommodations (hotel rooms/guest houses) We have many programs and social events and would love to be able to offer them at a discounted rate, while providing your business with a promotional opportunity.

Baking Pastry


Sports and fitness-related activities comprise one of the foundations of DROR. Since its inception DROR has recognized and promoted the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and achieving success through physical activity and teamwork. We’d love to have volunteers run a workshop or a training session. Perhaps you could conduct a class or a sports activity. All sports are welcome!


Technical Skills?

Help update our web design, translate  letters and media materials, or graphic design for flyers, invitations, and other media will help us improve our media outreach.


Marathon Logistics?

The Marathon is our annual fundraiser and our chance to shine. We welcome everyone who would like to help us make this event an outstanding success for DROR. We’re looking for helpers to help pick up and distribute the race kits in Jerusalem, recruiting runners and donors, helping to fundraise, graphic design for our flyers and T-shirts, taking photos and videos, and helping with setup on the day itself as well as the day before at our special “Carbo-load” dinner in Bet Shemesh.


If you're interesting in any of these, please contact us:

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