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Our Programs

Dror Sheli

DROR Sheli

One of our primary programs geared toward 7-9th graders is "DROR Sheli" where we will meet with school guidance counselors from three different schools in Beit Shemesh to assess which students would benefit most from the program.

  In this program,  DROR provides weekly tutoring sessions in small groups plus an activity or workshop afterwards. Discussions range from body image to who you admire or to upcoming holidays. Participants also volunteer in  programs benefitting their community members as well as sports classes. 


​  Every event at DROR focuses on the goals of empowerment as well as learning and understanding new concepts. Our goal is to inspire our young women to believe in themselves and in their ability to set and achieve new goals.

Leadership Training

Leadership Training

  Our Leadership Training program is specifically designed for 10th-11th graders, who are required by their schools to participate in a volunteering role by the end of the school year. DROR supervises and guides this group of 10-15 young women to volunteer as tutors. These young women not only serve as role models to their peers but also help find a familiar face in the sometimes lonely halls of high school. 

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Riding for Resilience

Riding for Resilience

  This past year DROR has teamed up with Geerz, a local non-profit organization that provides therapeutic mountain bike riding. We at DROR are so pleased to have been providing this healing and empowering resource to local Ultra-Orthodox, at-risk teen girls.

  The biking program combines mountain biking skills with essential life skills, helping youth develop coping
strategies, deepen resilience and overcome challenges. Out curriculum is also constantly being updated to address the skills needed to cope with the current war.

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Riding for Resilience 2

Resilence During War

  Since Oct. 7th, we have been seeing the growing need of therapeutic sports for children and teens affected by the war. Geerz began opening new therapeutic riding groups across the country, and the response has been tremendous. DROR and Geerz are raising funds to provide therapeutic biking to more youth villages and communities in need. Read more about this initiative. 

  This year, DROR is dedicating three of it's therapeutic mountain biking groups to three fallen soldiers from the DROR family.
Read more about these brave young men. 


Jerusalem Marathon

Sports and running sessions are built into the program to further encourage the role that fitness and teamwork have in the positive development and feelings of success for young women. The pinnacle of our sports training is when the girls at DROR prepare for and participate in the Jerusalem Marathon each spring, where #TEAMDROR members are encouraged to challenge themselves beyond their expectations.

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