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התוכניות שלנו

Dror Sheli
Writing on the Board

DROR Sheli

One of our primary programs geared toward 7-9th graders is "DROR Sheli" where we will meet with school guidance counselors from three different schools in Beit Shemesh to assess which students would benefit most from the program.

  In this program,  DROR provides weekly tutoring sessions in small groups plus an activity or workshop afterwards. Discussions range from body image to who you admire or to upcoming holidays. Participants also volunteer in  programs benefitting their community members as well as sports classes. 

  Every event at DROR focuses on the goals of empowerment as well as learning and understanding new concepts. Our goal is to inspire our young women to believe in themselves and in their ability to set and achieve new goals.

Leadership Training

Our Leadership Training program is specifically designed for 10th-11th graders, who are required by their schools to participate in a volunteering role by the end of the school year. DROR supervises and guides this group of 10-15 young women to volunteer as tutors. These young women not only serve as role models to their peers but also help find a familiar face in the sometimes lonely halls of high school. 

Leadership Training

Teacher Helping Student
College Students in Corridor

Alumni Program

  We have so many incredible young women who have passed through our programs at DROR. We designed this program for participants to be able to stay in touch with our staff at DROR

and with each other after they’ve graduated from high school.


  The program has between 10-20 young women who meet once

a month and participate in either a workshop or volunteering opportunity. The group of DROR alumni meet, discuss their post high school lives, and help develop future DROR programming.


  Some of them become counselors or future staff members and serve as examples of DROR’s mission - helping young women to believe in themselves, volunteering, academic studies, and in the power of sports.

Alumni Program


  DROR offers a two-week summer camp experience for girls who have participated in DROR’s programming throughout the school year as well as children in the greater Beit Shemesh community.

   Camp DROR's activities are designed to help the girls define their individual identities as they participate in new experiences and learn more about the world around them. The girls participating in Camp DROR aim for setting new and more challenging goals and then achieve them! 


  All of the activities at Camp DROR (and throughout the school year) are geared toward enabling the girls to believe in themselves and in their ability to contribute to society.

Jerusalem Marathon

Jerusalem Marathon

Sports and running sessions are built into the program to further encourage the role that fitness and teamwork have in the positive development and feelings of success for young women. The pinnacle of our sports training is when the girls at DROR prepare for and participate in the Jerusalem Marathon each spring, where #TEAMDROR members are encouraged to challenge themselves beyond their expectations.

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