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In Their Own Words


DROR values the spirit of cooperation between our staff and our young women. We welcome their opinions, questions, and feedback. Our goal is to empower them to express their ideas, and we work in a way that allows them to contribute to our programming and we work cooperatively with them to ensure they're getting what they need out of our program. We also love hearing how grateful they are to us and how proud they are of their own successes. 


From our Staff:

  • In 8th grade I started working with her. She didn't have a lot of confidence, socially and academically. We worked really hard together- because she believed she can do it, but it took a very long time for her grades to improve. Honestly it only happened in the second year that we worked together (9th grade), and then suddenly she got amazing grades, and had a lot more confidence in herself and her abilities, and did much better socially. Now in 10th grade she's basically top of the class in math and helps her friends all the time, she works really hard. And she always volunteers with DROR and loves to help when they need help with stuff

  • Working in DROR is a privilege for me. This is my third year working with the girls, and I just cant seem to let go! It is inspiring to see these girls work hard and succeed in their studies and in the sports, and a pleasure to work with such a team of hardworking people who care about the future of the DROR girls and put so much time and effort to make sure these girls continue to do well. I have personally seen many of these girls start believing in themselves, take on themselves more responsibilities and become more social and outgoing, and i have no doubt that the amazing people at DROR have helped them reach their goals.

  • While we worked together, I realized my mentee needed to feel capable and believe in herself. The process was hard and sometimes disappointing, but she was optimistic, motivated, and willing to improve. After 2 years, she grew personally and academically, and got to experience success

  • It was hard to say goodbye. Suddenly, I realized how much she opened up and was able to talk about her family life. I told her how strong she was despite all the difficulites in her life. After joining DROR, she was less embarassed to speak up and feel confident. At the end, you see the impact mentorship has on one's life. 


  • Thank you so much, you're awesome, and have a great summer and continue to give, experience success, health and immeasurable happiness

  • It was really fun. I didn't want to come at the beginning, but later on, I really enjoyed it and am happy I registered! I learned and did a variety of things I never would have otherwise done

  • It's important to have the bunks connect more often so we can get to know each other better

  • It was a great 2 weeks, a perfect camp because of the environment you create at DROR. It's fun to be here.

Self Defense:

  • Every time I see people that scare me, I feel less afraid, because I have more confidence

  • I can speak and say my truth. I can protect myself

  • I know I can walk out on the street and protect myself. Even if I realize I'm not so physically strong

  • I can speak up and loudly if I need to because I have more strength within myself

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