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Pre-Run Tips

The big day we’ve been working towards is finally coming up! We’ve trained and trained, and practiced climbing those Jerusalem hills, and now we need to plan what to do over the course of the next few days:

Training: 2 weeks before race day is the last opportunity to push yourself. For the last few days, you should work out, but don’t push it. Don’t overexert yourself now.

Logistics: Things you need to consider-

1. How am I getting to the marathon-car/bus? What time do I need to be there in order to arrive and get to the start line.

2. Get your clothes ready the night before and try to avoid wearing new sneakers. Wear shoes that are used to your feet and pace.

3. Review the course map and familiarize yourself with where the easier points/hard points are, so you are mentally ready.


Food: The morning of the run, have a light breakfast including a carb and protein (cream cheese sandwich). It’s best not to eat fruits and vegetables, and avoid eating an hour before your start your run. Take a few dates with you to munch on along the way when you’re feeling weak.


Drink: Drink a lot, about a cup an hour, and take water breaks along the way when needed.

Music: Prepare a playlist of energetic music that you can keep a comfortable pace with.

Warm up: A half hour before, get yourself ready by stretching and getting into a light run for 5-10 minutes

Starting line: Get there 10 minutes before, find your place and get pumped!

Most importantly: HAVE FUN!! The Jerusalem Marathon isn’t about speed. It’s about enjoying the incredible views and experience with others around you.

Written by Sima Wetzler, Running Coach, Master’s in Public Health



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